October 20, 2018

Fall Freedom Trail Hike


This has become one of our favorite hikes. Come join us for a fun urban
barefoot hike along Boston's historic Freedom Trail. We'll follow the trail
through the streets of Boston, the North End, and over to Charlestown. We will
return along the trail back to our starting point (or take the shortcut if
we're tired). Interesting urban textures include old worn brick, cobblestone,
ancient granite slab sidewalks, and two passes over the Charlestown Bridge
(400 feet of steel grating). The hike will be 2 to 3 miles long depending on
how far the group would like to go. We could stop for lunch again like we have
in times past, if there is interest. Who knows, we might even go up the Bunker
Hill Monument again - that was fun!

We'll meet on Beacon St, right in front of the Statehouse, gathering around the
brass Freedom Trail marker on the sidewalk. Everyone should bring water. All
are welcome (new barefooters and those not sure of their distance ability
should bring backup shoes). There is an underground parking garage below the
Common (not sure how much to park these days). Or, you can take the T to Park
Street station.

The way the weather is going lately we might even be able to schedule a
hurricane again - no promises though :)
from Hobbit:
It was an excellent day! A few photos are here: