Myths and excuses against barefooting

There is a small but recurring set of "reasons" used by those objecting to bare feet, all of which are specious and express no truth.  They are based on nothing other than timeworn prejudice and deliberate misinformation that began over a half a century ago.  Here is why none of them are valid excuses for discrimination:

Far too many people are ignorant of these facts and thoroughly brainwashed by the misinformation they grew up with, but as detailed here it only takes a few minutes on the internet to find the right answers.  A few happy piggies running around has absolutely no impact on the operations of any business establishment, venue, attraction, or infrastructure.  In addition, there are individuals with a medical need to avoid wearing shoes, and for ADA compliance must legally be accomodated without question.  Public awareness of all of this is increasing, and while unshod visitors, customers, or even workers may still not be the most common day-to-day sight, the sooner it becomes normalized and accepted in our lives and culture the better.  Barefoot living is much more common in New Zealand, for example, where what's on or not on someone's feet is not even noteworthy.

In a professional context, any employee or representative of an establishment who chooses to bully someone over such a petty, harmless non-issue does so at the risk of their own career.  No organization's management should ever support such behavior on the part of an associate, and incidents or confrontations need to be promptly reported in the strongest possible terms for remedial action and training.  It's the only way they'll ever learn.

[A half-sheet printable graphic shorter form of this can be downloaded here -- geared specifically for Massachusetts, but an image of any other state letter from could be resized and substituted in.  Print double-sided landscape and cut apart into convenient flyers.]

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